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Cultra Trail Running

Nov 1, 2019

It’s about time we talked about Timed Races.  They are a great way to dip your toe into the ultra world or a new distance PR. Evil Becky and AFB offer suggestions on how to set up your gear, what to bring to the race, pacing strategies, bad nutrition advice and what mental games to play to keep you moving!  We talk about how to choose a race. Some people are afraid that running in circles would drive them crazy.  But every lap is different, and draws you into the experience.  Kinda Like Cultra…   Somehow we manage to stay on pace and knock this episode out in less than 90 minutes. 


NJ Trail Series One Day

USATF 24 Hour World Qualifications

Hampster Wheel

Fall Fling 400  CT TrailMixers

Notchview Ultra (BURCS)

Ethan Allen 24

Silk City Striders' Know Your Pace Race on November 23rd, 2019:

CT Sports and Fitness:

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