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Cultra Trail Running

Feb 27, 2021

Allegedly the first letters of each word in "all day I dream about sex" spells a German shoe manufacturer's name. Cool. #jackassepisode

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Feb 26, 2021

New Jersey is not known for its trails, but we're hoping that changes soon- and if Sassquad Trail Runners' Kim Levinsky has anything to say about that, then it changes today! Kim has a competitive background as a two-sport athlete collegiately and brings her passion over to the trails and infuses that into...

Feb 21, 2021

How does it feel to be outside in the middle of winter in New England for over 40 hours, unsupported on 78 miles of snowy trail? Jimmy Mac teamed up with LSE to take on this trail in the worst conditions.  Sure they could have tried it without the snow, sleet and driving rain.  They could have had someone wiping their...

Feb 19, 2021

Long Island's second most famous resident to Cultra listeners is one Thaddeus Nelson- no, he's not a Civil War era general, he's an ultrarunning, race directing anthropologist from Ronkonkoma. Hear how Thadd cast away the shackles of ill health to race his first marathon and more, here on Cultra!

Medals for Mettle

Feb 14, 2021

The Cultra Crew minus Evil Becky get together for a heated discussion on the Grateful Dead, tactics to stop urine or poop mid stream, Mesh Running, a full review of all of the Cultra Karaoke Grateful Fred singers, who called in to 203-DOG-GENT and sang their hearts out, plus a full on flogging of our...