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Cultra Trail Running

Dec 31, 2022

We had 49 episodes in 2022 and so many great memories spent with all of yall.  This episode is kind of like a Whitman's Sampler with lots of sweet spots and something for everyone.  We also recognize and celebrate Fred Murolo's 41 year running streak* and look back at the year. 

*with a poop break 

Outro music by Nick...

Dec 23, 2022

Riley is a runner. We talk about Riley's rise through the sport and what is ahead- we know what is happening for Riley on the last weekend of June though! And we will have a new friend to follow at Western States. High fives! 

We also discuss the potential fate of the monkey, and Cultra Bot arrives at the end of the...

Dec 16, 2022

The Cultra Crew get down with the world famous ultra influential authors Christopher McDougall and Coach Eric Orton and discuss all the fun shit that happens on the trails and in life that most normal people dont care about. We also take a deep dive into their new book "Born to Run 2- The Ultimate Training Guide". All...