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Cultra Trail Running

Apr 2, 2019

Welcome New Cultra Crew Members Evil Becky Burke, and James McCaffrey AKA Jimmy Mack! We had so much fun with them as guests that we had to have them aboard. They also do a lot of cool shit all the time, so the stories just flow. Actually it was the monkey’s call….

We are very excited to start this second season of Cultra and hope you are enjoying this as much as we are. It is our goal to share some laughs with you, and at the same time learn from each other about how to be better runners and people. We are all exploring and testing the limits of our bodies minds and spirits. We look to find new trails, friends, and to learn more about ourselves.

In this episode Evil Becky shares her race details of the Trail Animals Race, To Hale and Back 6 Hour. Gotta love TARC! We also take a look at what it means to identify yourself as an Ultra Runner, and how we view ourselves impacts our lives. Then we share some awesome Cultra Karaoke talent, and learn some cool ultra running things by playing Cutramatic, our high pressure, insanely informative yet not usually boring except when we get involved in extra details that have nothing to do with what we actually wanted to say, but we ended up taking about them anyway…

Since it’s a new Season, we figured it was time to shake up the monkey tree, and get a new intro. Special thanks to my boys Nick and Jack Byram for providing the Guitar and Vocals, and to family friend Jack Sevigny for mixing it all together and giving it a beat. If you are looking to have your own intro put together we will be adding a link to our site shortly so they can help you out too.

 The CULTRA trail running podcast is a place where we can get together and discuss all the fun shit that happens on the trails, that most normal people don’t care about. CULTRA’s headquarters is located in the belly of the beast coast, Glastonbury Connecticut, so most of our stories involve North East Trail running or North East Trail runners.

 And BTW, The language used in this show is explicit and raw like the trails we run on, so don’t listen to this with your kids.

Thank you all so much for your support.

Hope you like the monkey makeover! Let us know what you think.

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