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Cultra Trail Running

Feb 26, 2019

Caitlin Rossi shares with us her life story of how she became more than just an ultra runner.  Ultra runners are known for their acts of kindness.   Caitlin grew up in a caring home, where taking strangers into their life was the norm. She then transferred this culture of kindness and caring into her adult life, and brought it to the running community, and we have chance to dig into that during  this interview.

The CULTRA trail running podcast is a place where we can get together and discuss all the fun stuff that happens on the trails, that most normal people don’t care about. CULTRA’s headquarters is located in the belly of the beast coast, Glastonbury Connecticut, so most of our stories involve North East Trail running or North East Trail runners .

 The language used in this show is not really too bad, unless you have an aversion to monkeys.

Silk City Striders in an RRCA running club located in Manchester CT.  They are a great group of folks and have regular races, and group runs on trails and roads.  Definitely check them out:

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