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Cultra Trail Running

Oct 9, 2020

Art picks the names of the episodes but I write the show notes. Art said "hey how's this name?" in reference to the title and I said "I like this other name" in reference to the alternate title and Fred chimed in with "How to Get Into Brown?" which works really well too and I thought we may have reached an impasse but alas, Art sent me the draft with his title so I lose yet again. But I have to tell you that I came back with "What Can Brown Do For You?" and we all heartily chuckled again but there's been radio silence ever since and now I can't help thinking that I offended them and they hate me. Oh well, we recorded a podcast. You should listen to it. - Love, Jimmy

Shan Riggs Running Across America

Jake Koteen Photography

Steep Endurance 8 Hours at the Brewery

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Intro Guitar by Nick, Vocals Jack Byram, and beats Jack Sevigny