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Cultra Trail Running

Apr 24, 2020

Episode 72? Welp, the shit starts getting really real at mile 72, so you better get up outta that chair and hang on! New Social Distance Challenge? Check! This one is all about…you’ll have to listen. Speaking of listening, we love our Patreon supporters, even the ones that don’t listen- what are we talking about? Fucking LISTEN! We dive deep into a lot of topics but most importantly we ask “what can the community do to help each other right now?”

Below you will see a lot of links to shoe stores, race companies and businesses we feel could use your help during this global pandemic. If you’re not able to buy anything consider a donation to one of them. I know us humans are mostly shitty animals; we can’t smell as well as beagles, we can’t see as well as eagles (that rhymes my dudes), we can’t swim like dolphins or fly like hawks but dammit- we got to be the dominant species on this planet because of our ability to band the fuck together and cooperate. Let’s show our love to this community and support the ones that may be hurting right now.

Also us extroverts are struggling right now because we like y’all and really miss high fives and hugs and group runs.


Great article about COVID-19 and the outdoors:

Tony K interviewed by Scotty Kummer:

Sound Runner:

Nipmuck-Natchaug-Air Line Loop:

Trails Collective on YouTube:

Finger Lakes Running Co:

Live Loud Running:

Steep Endurance:

The New Jersey Trail Series:

Human Potential Running Series:


Rainshadow Running:

Trail Racing Over Texas:

Mixers 48:

Connecticut Sports and Fitness:

Ragged Cuts:


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