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Cultra Trail Running

Feb 14, 2020

'ello governor! Today we venture across the ol' pond to jolly England and Scotland for a bit of a field trip with the one and only LSE. We get serious for a moment, then we remember who we are and well, that's all right. The greatest benefactor the podcast has ever known (as well as my favorite triathlete ever), Peggy Byram sits down with us to talk shop and get the running (and swimming and biking) routes from Lord LSE as Art looks on in horror. We're a full-on tri podcast now, too late to stop it. Fred tries his hand at a British accent and it's pretty good. Jimmy jackasses for a good 91% of the show. 

The UK Ordnance Survey maps:

Weird British FKT NOT held by LSE:

Ted Corbitt facts that Jimmy didn't post the week before:


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Intro Guitar by Nick, Vocals Jack Byram, and beats Jack Sevigny