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Cultra Trail Running

Jan 7, 2023

THE SHOW NOTES (A PLAY in One Act) written by Cultra Bot


Art: (puts down his vegan burrito) hey Jimmy could you put some other good stuff here?

Jimmy: yeah but it's going to cost you (does that money thing with his fingers in the air.)

Art: fuck no- you have cost us enough. Are you even worth it? (Art knows Jimmy is not worth it...)

Jimmy: oh most defintely not, but what I lack in talent I make up for in opinions about books. And authors. I am well read. Quite.

Art: (eyes light up, gets idea for the remaining 2023 shows and stifles the urge to give Jimmy ten thousand dollars) okay I'll throw in an extra... five... no, ten grand!

Jimmy: sick deal my guy, I got you fam (proceeds to open large suitcase for the cash)

Art: (fuck what did I just do?) iViva la Cultra!



Outro music by Nick Byram

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