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Cultra Trail Running

Oct 18, 2019

The second installment of CULTRA Live! from Connecticut Sports and Fitness and Art does a bang up job rallying the troops to talk about our experiences with failure, specifically our big ultra fails. What works? Who cares- this episode is all about what didn't work and maybe we learned something. We deep dive into Eliud Kipchoge's sub-2 stunt and Brigid Kosgei's dominating performance in Chicago and 81-second takedown of the women's world marathon record. We talk about it 4% faster like the SHOES BRO. We talk Tobias Tello's first #hundo finish at Midstate Massive Ultra Trail as well as Reagan Fitzgibbons' first #hundo finish at Tesla Hertz on Long Island. Then we get into the meat of the biscuit and boy, it's a tasty show! We fail so you can succeed. Seriously. We had Ron Locandro come up to the mic and tell a great story and then Ultra Fabio himself tells an amazing anecdote of failure that resonates with everyone. A truly SPECIAL episode (#overused special). Special thanks to Chaz Koch for his amazing work before the show on his form clinic with the CT Trailmixers. 


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