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Cultra Trail Running

Jul 28, 2022

Tim Hardy hails from Marietta, NY and has an impressive resume of very long races. His background in Army Ranger training has made him certified "tough as fuck" but most importantly his mental approach is what sets him apart. Read more from Tim's Blog 

Abby McCarthy is also from New York and she is a very smart runner-...

Jul 23, 2022

Carly Eisley is not new to ultra running, but she is new to the 100 Mile distance. On this episode we learn about: The Chair. The List. 

Vermont 100 what it was like to be there as an experienced newcomer.

Cultra Karaoke, New Patreons get roasted. 

Carly's fundraising page:

Outro music...

Jul 17, 2022

Holy shit fam, we are all up in this week's craw with some spicy and sweet hot takes- Jimmy's 7-11 run, by far the dumbest thing he has to offer in terms of running. Then Becky recounts her epic sub-24 hundo up at the BURCS Notchview races. We roll call like 50 of your freinds out getting after it, both last weekend and...

Jul 1, 2022

We recap our friends running ultras around the USA with a wee bit of elite love sprinkled in but mostly it's mid-packer heaven over here since you gotta go with what you know. 

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