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Cultra Trail Running

Jul 28, 2022

Tim Hardy hails from Marietta, NY and has an impressive resume of very long races. His background in Army Ranger training has made him certified "tough as fuck" but most importantly his mental approach is what sets him apart. Read more from Tim's Blog 

Abby McCarthy is also from New York and she is a very smart runner- hear how she eats "walking ramen", how she is "a Honda Civic with a governor on it" and "takes dirt naps in graveyards". She's basically built for Vol State- and sadly she could not finish Wordle the day after finishing.

Finally, our dude Oak Miller- projectile vomiting like a champ during Vol State will hopefully be a new core memory from our guy from North Carolina. Desitin for a sun rash, Hunt Brother's Pizza (worst pizza ever?) and no low points (haha no wait, Bench of Despair?)  

Outro music by Nick Byram

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