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Cultra Trail Running

Jun 25, 2021

Yes its actually happening! Our own Jimmy Mac is heading to Western States!  We take a look at the runners from the Northeast who are heading there and hear Jimmy's plans to Par Tea!

Evil Becky shares her story from the Mt Washington Road Race as she has an amazing time running up and then down Mt Washington.

And Fred...

Jun 12, 2021

We recorded this about three weeks ago and allegedly the sound is super shitty. But you needed this episode apparently, you damn completists! I think we talked about Fred's triumphant return to Three Days at the Fair in NJ and Jimmy talks about the race and his people at Six Hours at the Reservoir. Party time! Belated...

Jun 11, 2021

Perseverance, dedication, fitness. That's what it takes to win the CUT 112, New England's most exclusive endurance event. There's a reason the vetting process for this is so tough; this is the race that eats its young but them spits them out on the side of the trail and has literally people curled up into a fetal...

Jun 11, 2021

Do you even AMBIVERT bro?

Jun 8, 2021

Julie Fraysier is a runner's runner. She has a high school and collegiate background as a runner but discovered the trails a few years ago and has not looked back. Hear how she has applied her super chill attitude to her approach to running while balancing being a mother of four, and being top woman at Run Ragged,...