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Cultra Trail Running

Mar 30, 2024

DNF: Rising From the Ashes is a compilation of stories by runners, for runners, about the heartbreak and redemption of a "Did Not Finish" race result. In a collection of heartfelt stories, these endurance athletes share their experiences, feelings, and lessons learned through failure.
We have a chance to meet 12 of the contributing authors who each bring their tales of some of the best stories of success, failure, blood, vomit, more, told by Race Directors, common folk, and record holders. Hear the tales from 6 Day races, Vol State, HOTS, Tesla Hertz, Lake Waramaug, 3 Days at the Fair, D3 and more! Plus we engage in a game of 5 questions, but there is only one answer! 
Featuring Authors include: Mastermind Amy Mower, Frederick Murolo, Jan Walker, Joey Lichter, Shamus Babcock, John Calabrese, Bob Hearn, Stefanie Bernosky, Bill Schultz, Vinny Capp, Jason Reathaford and AFB. 

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