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Cultra Trail Running

Aug 23, 2019

Show Notes:

Once again, the CULTRA Crew members (aka slackers) BRoc and Jimmy Mac are M.I.A., which means all sense of normalcy is gone and we’re left to our own devices.  So, what should we do?  Argue about race management and the future of ultra running?  Nah, so yesterday.  Discuss Joe’s naked hiking adventures?  Well, it wouldn’t be a podcast if we didn’t at least mention it.  Ridicule and shame our absent crew members?  Of course!  But what else?  Could this be the episode where someone actually accepts our “Hundo for A Hundo” challenge and donates $100 for a dinner with #HundoJoe?  Or is this just another episode where Art rambles on about the evil MDot empire, Becky laughs incessantly while making random evil comments and Joe reminds everyone that we don’t know what the f*** we’re talking about?  It could be all of that and so much more…as in “Ultra Fabio” more!

Yes!  Tonight, we meet up with Brian Nephew aka “Ultra Fabio”.  This super dad and co-owner of Connecticut Sports and Fitness is a true jack of all trades, who proves that it’s not all about natural talent but the ability to work hard and never give up.  Brian talks about growing up in a small town where perseverance and dedication were traits his parents instilled at an early age.  Through humorous stories about his early years on the football field and basketball court to obstacle course racing, intense weight training and now ultra-running, Brian reminds us about the importance of the journey and not just the destination. 

Connecticut Sports and Fitness

Lost Cat 50k Trail Race

Peasantman Triathlon

Anchor Down Ultra Race Results

Twisted Branch Trail Run Ultra Race Results


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