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Cultra Trail Running

Aug 2, 2019

No guests tonight, just raw unfiltered Cultra Crew right to the dome! Hundo, B-Roc, AFB, Jimmy Mac and Evil Becky deliver one of the worst shows in recent memory. “Arguably our worst show to date” says Art Byram in disgust after the show. “Two thumbs down” says Canadian Trail Fishing Magazine. Look, if you like shows that go off topic a lot, have no point and shit audio, we are the best podcast in North America then. I mean, we’re just five people that love laughing at our own jokes, and let me tell you we do that for 94% of the show, and for the other 16% we’re basically having technical difficulties. That’s right we give 110% every night for you even though that’s mathematically impossible. We do manage to go into the age old battle of bladders versus bottles which is promptly derailed when Jimmy gives some really shitty hydration advice. Or maybe it’s good, who knows? If there’s anything I’ve ever learned, one size does not fit all in this sport. “Am I the only one who likes the irreverent shows with just us?” asks Brian Roccapriore, to which Becky Burke replied “I like the episodes with just us too but yes it was all over the place” so there people. Even we don’t like us all that much...

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Intro Guitar by Nick, Vocals Jack Byram, and beats Jack Sevigny