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Cultra Trail Running

Jul 19, 2019

Andy O is a man from Earth. He runs ultras. Occasionally he wins them. He is a quality human being. He makes bread and pretzels and beer for fun. Sometimes he gives those things to people to eat and drink. More people should be like Andy O. Andy has known Brian for over two decades. They allegedly have hidden bodies together. Not because they both have Italian last names and allegedly have mob ties (I said "allegedly" you lawyer POS) but because that's what you do for your best friends. I'd hide a body for anyone, mostly because when it's time to cash in that favor, that's a big one. Not like "help me move my couch" type of favor, I'm talking serious shit, like help ME hide a body. Also #hundojoe is running his 3,000th Vermont 100 this weekend, and after the show him and Kate #gelato went up to NH to do a Pemi Loop. I think they were jealous because Art did one with the Mixers over the past weekend, and he sounds like he's getting his mojo back. We do a quick VT100 preview, sorry not sorry if I left your name off the pod, like half of New England is up there running that thing on Saturday so gimme a break #nellcarter. Also Jimmy drank seven Slurpees last week and lived to tell the tale, he also may have thrown up gang signs by accident in New Britain. Show is fire (insert fire emoji here).

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