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Cultra Trail Running

Jun 21, 2019

Here’s that Run Ragged recap we promised- we’re visited by the one and only Joe Nuara, 3rd place finisher. Or 2nd to last DNF, whatever. We go deep inside Joe’s brain to see what it takes to go hour after hour after hour (29 to be exact) and what the heart of a warrior looks like- Joe gives us a really important “why” to the whole experience. He talks about his 100-mile experience from a few years back, flipping burgers with none other than #hundojoe at the NJ 3-Day. We also learn the ins-and-outs of Obstacle Course Racing life, as Joe is an elite competitor not only at ultras but also at OCRs. We also hear from the RDs perspective as Brian and Stacey not only battled sleep but the real fight- having access to unlimited Oreos and Mountain Dew (allegedly). What is it like to direct Connecticut’s premier Last Person Standing event? Find out here. Mad props to woodworking artist extraordinaire Stefan Rodriguez- that winner's trophy is the truth. We vaguely visit BleesterGate and skim over #ultradrama, because who gives a shit? Evil Becky is back and she is hilarious as she informs us that she’s all caught up on past CULTRA episodes. Finally we say goodbye to the incomparable Stacey Clark as she readies herself to move to Fort Collins, Colorado next week. It’s an action-packed episode you won’t want to miss. JOIN THE CULT. #yesweare

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