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Cultra Trail Running

Jun 14, 2019

Hey Cultra Nation! Bessic and Jara are in the studio to talk about the Worlds End 100k held on June 1st in Forksville, PA; and this one does not disappoint. Brian, Becky and Stacey all had little league games / graduations / life to attend to so they were reluctantly granted excused absences to take the night off and of course we still went over two hours. Not only were we joined by the illustrious duo from central CT but we were visited by special guest #hundojoe's daughter Sarah, holder of four USATF records. Unfortunately Jimmy never misses a show, and he's here in all his sickening glory. He might rant a minute or two on trekking poles and their role in the decline of western civilization, but the views expressed herein do not necessarily align with management's views on cheat sticks and the cheating they encourage. I mean Europoles. Whatever, just keep them away from my face. Run Ragged preview? Sure, barely. We'll most likely do a recap special on that awesome race next week, but if you skip this week I'll come to your house and light a bag of dog poo on your doorstep. Or not. Also, not a cult. Not not a cult. Allegedly.

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