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Cultra Trail Running

May 3, 2019

This episode the Crew is pared down to just Art, Stacey, Joe and Jimmy as they discuss their recent adventures including Art’s Hoppin’ Hodges 50k (1st place overall!) and running 54 miles overnight on the Airline Trail with Stacey and Shan Riggs, as well as a recounting of Stacey, Jimmy and sometimes cast member Brian’s trip to the Catskills where things go (hilariously) wrong, but oh so right. We run down the weekend of races at Lake Waramaug 50k/50-mile/100k and the TARC Spring Classic Marathon/50k. Includes a heartbreaking story of a young man’s desire to achieve ultrarunning stardom through a brand sponsorship deal that somehow falls through at the last minute.


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