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Cultra Trail Running

Jul 24, 2020

We talk race strategy, hydration, nutrition, equipment and mental toughness as we recount our recent efforts at running 104 Dumbass Miles on the Pequonnock River Trail in lovely Trumbull, CT. No monkeys were harmed during the recording of this podcast. Special shout-outs to Chip Howard, Mike Crutchley, Sally Campbell, Michelle O'Neill, Jason Roberts, Jay Durand and Tek Ung for making the day (and night) a super rad one.

We missed Becky something fierce but there's no shortage of awkwardness as Jimmy, Fred, Art and special guest Bill Odendahl get down and dirty talking about their recent run at the DUMBASS (Delirious Ultra Marathon Bitches And Serious Shitheads) Trumbull QT 104. This guy (Jimmy) had an absolute blast, even though I still haven't figured out what the QT stands for (allegedly). On a good note: there were no arrests. I'm pretty sure I said "I'll put it in the show notes" but now I can't remember what it was supposed to be...

Macedonia Trail Race (9/15):

The Blue 2 Blue Challenge (9/26):

The Pachaug Trail Runs (10/24):

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