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Cultra Trail Running

Jun 29, 2020

Debbie and Scott Livingston are one of the North East’s power ultra running couples.  This episode tells the story of how they met at the Vermont 50 Mountain Bike Race and Ultra Run, and how they have built a life of adventures together.  

Debbie and Scott have been knocking off FKTs and seeking adventures for years. Their most recent adventure was a 242 mile journey on the New England Trail from Mount Monadnock NH, to the Long Island Sound  in Guilford CT.  We cover many of the details of this journey, from the preparation of equipment, to harrowing river crossings, to the extreme mental and physical challenges they endured.  We hear stories of joyful sunrises, meetings with friends, and the true appreciation of the basic necessities of life, like sleep and water.  

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