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Cultra Trail Running

Apr 17, 2020

CULTRA is back in the studio, well the quarantine studio. Which is actually our various living areas and bedrooms and stuff, so yeah. We get down an dirty with VT race director extraordinaire Jonathan Vass and he gives us some unique takes on his outdoor events as well as his background in endurance sports. We do our Patreon shtick, Becky's insane strength Social Distance Challenge, Art does the 2nd Annual Hoppin' Hodges 50k and sets a new course record in the process. Speaking of course records, Jimmy goes ham on the Q Trail and snags himself another FKT. Fred hasn't missed a day in almost 14,000 days and Becky is the best thing about the show and we all know it. We give love to all of the CT and New England folks going nuts on the FKT site as well.

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Intro Guitar by Nick, Vocals Jack Byram, and beats Jack Sevigny