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Cultra Trail Running

Apr 3, 2020

CULTRA Trail Running Podcast is completely out there in the ether my people, since we can't meet in person we're meeting in the virtual space. So we wax poetic on the state of affairs- Western States 100 is cancelled, so that's cool. Jimmy has been waiting eight years so what's another? Maybe we make it a cool decade- if you people can't stay the F inside and get the hell away from each other we can't have nice things, like races... anytime soon. Agenda: we talk about the Social Distance Vert Challenge, our weird weeks (Becky's was the weirdest), Mike Ortiz's living room 100 miler in an NYC apartment and Becky wants to know what kind of runner are you today? 


Running Safely during a pandemic:


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Intro Guitar by Nick, Vocals Jack Byram, and beats Jack Sevigny