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Cultra Trail Running

Feb 28, 2020

Disclaimer: this episode barely talks about Western States, maybe some Golden Ticket shit but we put that in the title because this will make people download it or something, and new listeners we love you (allegedly). We jackass around for a bit before landing on our preferred topic of the night: Tribalism (and take a deep deep dive into that). You're in Maine, boy- we got gators! We talk about the Delaware Water Gap and Mt. Tammany and all that Jersey-PA shit you love. We kinda made a new theme song, do you like it? You may dance a jig when you hear it. So many calls to the karaoke line as well and a special gift shows up in the post. #mylittlebrexitdog

Caffeine Bullet (may or may not shit thyself):

Ragged Cuts:

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Intro Guitar by Nick, Vocals Jack Byram, and beats Jack Sevigny