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Cultra Trail Running

Jan 31, 2020

Here we go with yet another installment of the pod my peoples! And just like that, the CULTRA Crew grows! We asked Fred Murolo of he’d like to go steady with us and he said YES! Then Becky made it really awkward and gave him a ring. So there’s that. But what did we talk about? A lot of jackassing to be honest. But some timely facts (possibly) and some race reporting (allegedly). Just what you know and love from us. Really though we got topical for a huge portion of the pod. You’ll just have to listen- Art and Becky have huge running streaks going. Jimmy has like a day. Fred has 38+ years (whoa damn). CULTRA Family Feud? Sure, it’s back. Illuminating answers from the Fall Fling- or not? Pack reviews and some Good Will Hunting references. Stay tuned Ponyboy.

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