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Cultra Trail Running

May 27, 2024

Lets talk 3 Days at the Fair, Cruel Jewel and Patreons, mixed into a Big Jackass burger.

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Outro music by Nick Byram

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May 18, 2024

The Pride of Plymouth Andy Tidd, and Riverlands 100 RD’s Mindy Slovinski, and Valerie Abradi join the Crew for a seriously excellent episode. You like Gators, weird shit at night, turner beasts, stories of death and resurrection, first time 100 mile efforts, winners, Plymouth, engineers that engineer shit,...

May 12, 2024

Jimmy Mac Ding Dong and AFB lead a discussion on the Kentucky Derby, Blue 2 Blue 50K, Rock the Ridge, Breakneck Marathon, AND Revel Mountain Marathon and Half. We also talk music, books and movies.

Don’t Brush your teeth with A&D Ointment!

Blue 2 Blue Challenge Results

Sasquad Trail Running Party

Revel White...

May 3, 2024

After an amazing Cultra classic cold opening, Jimmy Mac, Ding Dong, and AFB try really hard to stay on topic, but end up talking way too much about trashy novels, L. Ron Hubbard, palm personal lubricants, and the showing of tattoos. We do spend time ruminating about the oldest 100K in the USA, The Jack Bristol Lake...