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Cultra Trail Running

Apr 27, 2022

We start with a shoutout to The Trails Collective, and it goes downhill from there. But Everyone loves running downhill right? We read the Patreons the right way, not like some amateur punks. Still takes us like an hour, but hey- we are about progress, not perfection. Several boofing references though, because we're gonna get a ton of miles out of that one in 2022, no doubt. We do manage to provide some valuable insight about trail and ultra running however since we have Fred, who volunteers to give out the medals every year at the USA's oldest continually run 100k, the Jack Bristol Lake Waramaug races. Becky goes hard for the 100k ladies' win and tells us in harrowing detail her journey to the win. Andy Griffith and Betty White have cameo appearances. Be sure not to miss the secret bonus material at the end. A "must listen" episode...

What Art meant to say was: Galpin equation for fluid replenishment during exercise or demanding activity: start exercise hydrated with electrolytes (not just water) then every 15 minutes consume (in ounces) your body weight (in pounds) / 30

Lake Waramaug results:

Donate to our freind Kevin Hoegler as he runs across the USA for MS:

Dr Andrew Huberman on sodium:

Trails Collective

Outro music by Nick Byram

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