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Cultra Trail Running

Mar 26, 2021

"Sorry, my brain is broken. Any idea what to call this one?" inquired one Art Byram, the Poet Laureate of Connecticut Ultrarunners and Trail Mavens Alike. We literally had like no real content. We riffed on the following: yellow-eyed Sith lords; how much we miss each other; a bunch of CUT112 shit; the complete and utter idiocy of VERTICAL MADNESS; Jimmy's fluid sexuality; Art, Becky, Reagan and Amy's run around everywhere; the Second Colcherster Half in 2021; Jimmy reads a letter from Bacon Academy; to mask or not to mask when running? Spring Fling memories and Patreon and there's not enough lipstick for this piggy and we out.

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Intro Guitar by Nick, Vocals Jack Byram, and beats Jack Sevigny