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Cultra Trail Running

Jan 1, 2021

Spoiler Alert: We announce that there will be a big announcement at the end of the episode. The Crew, minus Fred do a hatchet job interview of the often maligned and tormented year of 2020.  The pariah of social media and the target of many a meme shares what it was like in the early year, starting with so much promise, before acting out and drawing universal fire from gallows humor pundits around the world. Evil Becky, (or was it Vicki) even asks the tough questions digging deep into 2020's Origin Story. Ultimately we put some lipstick on this pig of a guest, prop it up in the corner, and accept that we can not change past events, but with lessons learned, only look forward to our next guest, to be played by Jimmy Mac in a future episode. 

Evil Becky (or was it Vicki?) and Art recount every step of their 8 hours of running on the stoopid roads around Wesleyan University, and tell everyone how grateful they are to be able to spend time with their excellent friends Reagan and Simon (for President).

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