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Cultra Trail Running

Nov 20, 2020

Yakkin' it up about jackassin' = that's YACKASSIN' my people. We go full crew sans guest (so no one looks on in horror) as we dissect Becky's day at the Brewery. Hear how she almost bested the field of ladies and how our friend Brian V and his Steep Endurance squad once again put on a safe event during a global pandemic. Fred keeps on running, hitting 4000 miles for the year while us mere mortals are back in the 2000s. Art did a 419 mile bike ride earlier this year. Jimmy ran a self-supported 50-miler over the weekend and had no regrets. We also explore some bad ideas for your Holiday Season- and introduce you to the Kultra Krampus, a "contest" if you will to see who can get the worst present from another Cultra fan; do you have what it takes to be the Krampus this year? I mean, 2020 has been one long kick in the nuts, so why not? A two hour extravaganza that you won't want to miss!

Alec Baldwin!

8 Hours at The Brewery Results

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Frances Moats, RIP

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