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Cultra Trail Running

Jan 29, 2019

Tobias Tello is an ultra runner in every sense of the word. He also happens to be 14 years old. Listen to him in this interview and you will immediately recognize that he owns his running. It is his. Like many of us he runs mostly for the joy of the trail, but he also loves a little competition. His father Enrique, a two time marathoner, supports his son in a very healthy way, allowing his son to choose his own challenges. This is not a case of the father pushing the son to an unhealthy place. Instead their dynamic has allowed Tobias to explore his limits, and mature as he accomplishes more and more on the trail, and in life.  

The language used in this episode, unlike most of our other episodes, is family friendly (gasp!), so we encourage you to listen to this with your kids. Ultra Running is not for everyone, however after listening to this episode you and your kids, may find yourselves lacing them up. Resistance is futile…

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