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Cultra Trail Running

Oct 26, 2019

“If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again...” is the motto of the week here at CULTRA HQ as we welcome back Regan Fitzgibbons to the podcast, and this one sure doesn’t disappoint. Yeah that’s right, I quoted Aaliyah right there, but I digress. The crew this week discusses the TARC Ghost Train 100 up in New Hampshire, then Art does something insanely stupid and awesome at the same time (which can be said for basically any accomplishment in ultrarunning, especially ones we forgot to mention AHEM Maggie Guterl at Big’s Backyard Ultra HASHTAG WTF CULTRA?) Sorry about that- we got so caught up in our friend’s lives that we forget to mention the elites so sue me.

Synopsis: Art ran the Mohawk Mountain Marathon on Saturday then turned around and ran the Bimbler’s Bluff 50k on Sunday. That’s about 60 miles and 10,000 feet of vert over the course of about 33 hours. Hell of a weekend for Mr. Cultra himself. He relives in all of its sickening glory, it’s a VERY SPECIAL CULTRA. Jimmy was at Bimbler’s too and guess what part of his body got rolled again (hint: rhymes with “cankle”). He did not live up to the audacious claim made a few months ago: to land on the Master’s Podium (he was 6th Master, ugh). Clearly he is no one’s master, not even his own right ankle.

Then Becky recounts the tale of crewing and pacing and encouraging Reagan and her redemption story from her DNF at VT100 in July. She got back on the horse and this time she tamed the beast named Tesla Hertz 100- hear what she did differently, her mental approach, and what it feels like to listen to creepy piano music at 3 am (damn, Becky that is some shiiiiit). 

RIP Aaliyah

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