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Cultra Trail Running

Sep 20, 2019

Hey Cultra Nation! It's always a party in the belly of the beast and Jay Mitchell joins us tonight to talk about racing and training and his interesting childhood as well as taking a helicopter ride down a mountain for some fast new Strava CRs. Art had a really good week (re: insane triathlon training), Becky is back to crushing her runs (re: fully recovered from Notchview finally) and Joe is starting a new streak by making it this week after a rare absence (re: new job). Jimmy is Jimmy (re: boisterous and obnoxious) and #hundojoe wants to fight him per usual, there's so much shit talking tonight and it makes for an uncomfortable moment ON AIR. Allegedly. We dive deep into embarrassing moments at trail races, Becky gives gifts (re: candy) and we have a heart to heart talk about the roots of Canadian Trail Fishing. You. Do. Not. Want. To. Miss. This. Podcast. Period. End. Of. Story. 


Connecticut Sports and Fitness (offering $50 off stride analysis services):

CT Sports and Fitness is also hosting CULTRA LIVE! on October 15th! Come at 5:15 for a mellow 3.5 mile run (on the roads / paved bike path) then a short form clinic, then the podcast taping pops off at 7 pm! BE THERE!!! 

The History of the Wasatch 100:

The Vermont 50 is looking for volunteers!

The Pachaug Trail Runs- 50 miles, 26.2 or 13.1 on November 2nd (use the special code CULTRA15 for listeners to get 15% off registration):


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Intro and Outro Guitar and drums by Nick Byram, Vocals Jack Byram, and beats Jack Sevigny