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Cultra Trail Running

Sep 13, 2019

What up fam? This episode gon' be LIT. #hundojoe misses his first show and we were sad but immediately got over it because LOOK A SQUIRREL! Okay first off, we got Gelato in the house. AFB, Jimmy Mac and Evil Becky recap their weeks, talk about the Tunxis Ultra results (maybe we go off on a tangent re: Ray Crothers). Congrats to all the finishers at Tunxis tho.

We dive into how we choose races then Art can not let it go about LSE's FKT fest all over New England's face. Then we go off on a game of CULTRA CREWED FAMILY FEUD. Evil B was the dopest MC and we answered a shit ton of questions. Guess who won? Stay tuned my dudes. Jimmy then makes a bold claim about the Q Trail and by now you hopefully know how that turned out (add hot to garbage and stir to create a fine shit show). Peace out bitches.

Connecticut Sports and Fitness:

The Pachaug Trail Races:

In case you want to say more than "sandwich" or "pants" in French:


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