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Cultra Trail Running

Sep 6, 2019

Tonight we sit down with a repeat offender; one Lee-Stuart Evans, he of the "I Broke the FKT Site" fame. Lee explains in detail his New England Trail fastest known time (FKT for those in the back, seriously pay attention) and gives a lot of cracking advice on just how to set these records, and why after two days of hiking and running the planned crossing of the Connecticut River with a makeshift raft was probably going to be a bad idea. We dive deep into what makes a legitimate FKT- with little to no resolution; possibly an amendment passed to agree to disagree? We then surprise the Legend Himself #hundojoe with a rainbow ice cream cake for his 40th birthday. Art goes water skiing, Becky reads the best fan mail we ever got on-air and Jimmy reports that he ran the New Haven 20k without projectile vomiting this year. "A Very Special CULTRA" might be over-used at this point, but it's a special one.

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