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Cultra Trail Running

Aug 30, 2019

Michael Byrne is an ultrarunner and he started his ultra career swinging for the fences, and he recounts it all in gory detail. Hear how he ended up on tonight's show (hint: Christina Chin-Hing may be involved. Hint to the hint: she's on the SHOW TONIGHT, oh wow my third favorite triathlete!) and what amazing things he has tried and done. We get sidetracked numerous times by Jimmy's severe ADHD and he even saw a bear!

Art is a full-time triathlete now, he keeps doing massive swim workouts and I'm pretty sure this time next year this podcast will be completely tri-specific. "Allegedly" Canadian Trail Fishing Magazine was just bought by Ironperson(tm) so that's gone as well, what a great mag, going to be turned into North American Trail Fishing, Shooting and Undergarments Monthly, so yeah. Wait, was I talking about? Oh yeah, HUNDO JOE is here again- he's like Cal Ripken (never misses a show). 

In all seriousness, this episode is rad- Michael was a great guest and talks about his training and what it mentally took to grind out a hundo finish. Here's a link to his Instagram:


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