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Cultra Trail Running

Aug 16, 2019

Hey Cultra Nation! Have we got a good one for you today, it's a very special episode with the one and only Howie Breinan sitting in with us and his story is amazing. First ultra finish before the age of 10? Check. Several breaks followed by huge comebacks? Check. Triumph over adversity? Check. This show has everything, and the term "hundo" is ubiquitous (as is epic, stout, beta, etc.), Art has an extra helping of potty mouth tonight (and gets called out for it), Jimmy makes a bold, dare I say audacious claim re: his finish at Bimblers, Brian is his usual snarky and witty self and #hundojoe adds to his legendary legend. 


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Intro Guitar by Nick, Vocals Jack Byram, and beats Jack Sevigny