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Cultra Trail Running

May 29, 2020

What's up with all the fast guests lately? We got another speedy one here with Josh Katzman, who you may know of Trail Animals Running Club in the Greater Boston area. Did you know Josh has run a 15 hour 100-miler? Did you know Josh was top 20 at Western States? Learn all this and more from this week's CULTRA! We allegedly open a can of worms re: Run Bum, we learn about chipmunk safety, Jimmy sends a listener a box of Pop Tarts in the mail and Fred has put down a serious amount of miles lately. Art did the AT into Massachusetts last weekend and it was "epic". And another installment of the CULTRA Social Distance Challenge as well as some FIRE songs on the CULTRA Karaoke Hotline.


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Intro Guitar by Nick, Vocals Jack Byram, and beats Jack Sevigny