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Cultra Trail Running

May 1, 2020

Hey Cultra fam- guess what? We got Stacey back! For a few minutes tonight at least- but she'll be checking in with us a lot coming up since Art decided to send her a good microphone and good headphones, so she's really back. She checks in from Colorado to re-introduce herself. Then Fred recounts each and every day of his 14,000 day running streak... not quite, but that is rad AF. We holler at our Week 6 Cultra Social Distance Challengers, Jimmy doesn't participate in the challenge because he ran 100 miles last week. Actually 100.2, but get in the canoe. FKT scene still hot, don't get burned yo. Then our first elite guest ever checks in and Becky manages to ratchet down the awkwardness to ask some pointed and relevant questions. We love you Becky. Ellie has a great message and great vibe, stay for her story- highlights include racing in the Olympic Trials, a podium spot at JFK50 as well as talking about her own podcast "Hamstrings and Heartstrings" with some really wonderful anecdotes and her love for the Ithaca running community. Also, the show notes are written by Jimmy. Art does not have this knack for flowery prose or devastating witticisms, and he also thought Ithaca is spelled "Ithica" - I mean WTF?

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Front Door 40 (registration closes today):

CT Trailmixers "Do You Own Fling" 48 Hour:

Steep Endurance's VERTual Challenge:

Finger Lakes Running Company's 19-mile, 19k, 1.9 mile Fund Run:

Shenipsit Striders "Outside Alone Virtual Charity Run":

Untrained Ultra Challenge 52.7k:

Ten Junk Miles Sugar Badger Virtual 50-miler, 50k and 13.1 (registration closes today):

Human Potential Running Series "We Belong":

Aravaipa Insomniac Night Run Series:

Mad Moose Events has some Virtual races, too:

The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1000k:

BURCS Vegan Power 50k:

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