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Cultra Trail Running

Mar 18, 2023

Born to a teenage mother, Stephen Littlewood survived an extremely difficult childhood marked by uncertainty and change. He escaped that world and launched a career in the Marines gaining experience in the Intelligence Community and Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief Operations. After nearly 20 years he left military service and has focused on helping others survive and thrive. As a new father he has faced the demons of his past and has used these skills to be present in his family life as he nurtures a son through unimaginable early life difficulties. He is a certified endurance coach and also operates a Search and Rescue training company, and has written a book entitled When Good Trails Go Bad: Planning, Surviving, & Being Rescued From Your Worst Day On the Trail. In this book, he not only draws from his vast experience, but references the work of others and it becomes evident that he wrote this book to help others, not to simply make a profit.

This man has clearly made a difference in the world and the people he has come in contact with.


Check out his book: When Good Trails Go Bad: Planning, Surviving & Being Rescued From Your Worst Day on the Trail

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