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Cultra Trail Running

Jul 9, 2021

Cultra coming in HOT this week! We deep dive into the Northeast's toughest trail races (link below) with a huge thanks to Ian Golden for his tireless efforts not only compiling this list but all he does for Northeast trail running in general. Dude is the man!

This episode can be filed under "Classic Jackassing". Would love to reiterate for the people in the back, and the people in the way back that this is not a "crew show" or a "gang show". I mean, having more than two people on a podcast was not invented in the upper Midwest, I mean- Trail Runner Nation had been doing that for a few years before anyone ran double digit junk miles. But ok, let's talk about that... I guess if the only tool you have is a hammer, everything will look like a nail. It's a podcast, it's not pie. Meaning, everyone can get a slice- the pie is infinite. Imagine if we started intimidating our listeners with chants of "you're dead to me" when they put on an episode of The Adventure Jogger. Weird flex, but you do you. Everyone needs an enemy I guess, real or imagined. Okay enough of that shit. Here's some spicy links and I ain't talking kielbasa:

The Official CT Donut Trail Run on 7/18 (also link to donate- it's a fundraiser)

Trails Collective Toughest races list

Our dear friend Tarts is putting on a trail race! The Womp Romp in Hingham, MA on 10/23

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