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Cultra Trail Running

Dec 24, 2020

Happy Holidays Cultra! It’s a classic episode in the making- Vicki in her bathrobe with a 16 pound Ironman medal around her neck, Fred on day 14,237 of his running streak and Art trying to get us to talk about serious things like traction for snow and ice running… all the while Jimmy is jackassing his face off. We have Brian Vanderheiden in studio while he chugs egg nog and eats pizza while walking on his new treadmill- it’s really the holiday extravaganza you didn’t know you needed but would never live without! Fred law dogs us as we talk shit on watches and their supposed fitness meters (bulllllshit), we do get serious for a minute on traction and then Brian explains the art of race directing during a global pandemic.

Steep Endurance 

Jeff Browning screw your shoes blog 

Traction options 

Jim Blandford’s Strava 

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